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 Since my days as a counselor at summer camp, I’ve always wanted to go  back. I was nearing my thirties and as the self-appointed activity  organizer for my group of friends, I found that it was becoming harder  and harder to gather our crew. The responsibilities of adult life were  starting to take over. Personally, I was working around the clock for a  company that I no longer had passion for. I needed to recharge, get out  of the city, off my phone and just have a fun weekend. I knew that only  an outlandish idea would get enough support from my whole group of  friends to actually happen - so I rented out a summer camp. What started  as a small weekend getaway with my closest friends, quickly became a  90-person event as the word spread. 

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 Epic dodgeball showdowns, tug of war matches, unforgettable slip ‘n  slide runs, dance-offs under the stars and of course, Color War, became  our weekend currency.  

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 We gain exclusive access to the entire camp property, including all:  fields, buildings, sports facilities, bunks, the dining hall and  waterfront so there are no kids in site! While we don’t claim to be a  five star resort, we only partner with the most beautiful summer camps  across North America. We ensure that our cabins are well kept and clean,  the food is delicious and all of our camps have the modern amenities to  provide a comfortable stay for adults. Helpful tip: In your Registration Form, mention the names of your  friends with whom you’d like to bunk, and we’ll do our best to  accommodate your request OR if you have a group 4 or more, Register as a  ‘Group’ and we guarantee that you will bunk with your friends.

 While the activities are all fun and games during the day, the open bar  takes our one-of-a-kind experience to the next level. At breakfast, we  serve Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s, at lunch we have beer and wine  available and from happy hour throughout the entire evening, we have a  full service open bar including beer, wine and liquor. In the evenings,  we bring in world class DJ’s and up-and-coming bands to play private,  unforgettable shows. Since there’s no party more fun than a costume  party, we introduce themes for each bash well before the camp weekend,  so everyone can prepare for the parties. While we do have an ‘open bar’  at camp, we do not serve alcohol in between meals to ensure the safety  of our campers during the activity periods. 


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